Source Code: Tetris

This game wrote in C#, VS2010. Its framewokr is .Net Framework 3.5 Client Profile.  
 Game Introduce: The blockgame is very simple. You can get points when you click the two or above two blocks connection with each other. More connections blocks more points . The game have three props. Bomb, lightning, and number. You can find the use about the props in this game. The red block help you get bomb. The yellow block help you get lightning. The green block help you get number. The props will be used at next level. The game is up to 15 level, it will not add the new color.   
Technology Concept: BlockGameEngine --- The game engine class. This is root element of game. It maily control about this game. BlockMap --- It store the block position.  
Block --- It is block base class, It includes type,postion,status and so on. MultipleBlock, ExplosionBlock?SpreadingBlock base the Block calss.  
RenderingContext --- It draw the graphic and so on.  
Canvas --- The control interact with desktop form.  
ILayer --- It dedicate game graphic interface.  
IAnimatable --- It dedicate animation interface.  
BlockRenderer ---It draw and generate the block. And it can cache the block.

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